The Fourteenth Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest
Wednesday, October 25th to Sunday, October 29th 2023


Online : 25 - 26 Oct
On ground : 27 - 29 Oct

  • Nikhil Inamdar

    Journalist, India

    Nikhil Inamdar is the India Business Correspondent for the BBC based out of Mumbai.

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  • Nikhil Wagle

    Journalist, India

    Nikhil Wagle is a journalist, publisher and political commentator.

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  • Nilakantan RS

    Engineer, Data Scientist & Author, India

    Nilakantan RS is an engineer by training and is the Chief Data Scientist for one of India’s largest fintech firms.

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  • Pallavi Aiyar

    Journalist, Spain/India

    Pallavi Aiyar is an award-winning reporter and author, who has worked as a foreign correspondent for over two decades from China, Europe, Indonesia and Japan.

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  • Parvez Diwan

    Technical Consultant & Entrepreneur, India

    Parvez Diwan runs his own Mumbai based cyber security company and is an international consultant in the field.

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  • Payal Kapadia

    Author, India

    Payal Kapadia writes and teaches in Mumbai and is a popular author of books for young adults.

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  • Peter Frankopan

    Historian, UK

    Peter Frankopan is a leading historian and Professor of Global History at Oxford University.

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  • Pip Adam

    Novelist, New Zealand

    Pip Adam is a prize-winning author of four novels and produces a popular podcast.

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  • Piyush Jha

    Film Director, Screen Writer & Author, India

    Piyush Jha is a film director, screenwriter and author of crime-fiction novels.

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  • Prahlad Kakar

    Advertising Guru, India

    Prahlad Kakar is a prominent ad-film director and co-founder of Genesis Film Production, a leading ad-film production house.

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  • Praveen Chakravarty

    Political Economy Scholar & Data Analyst, India

    Praveen Chakravarty is Chairman of Data Analytics for the Congress party.

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  • Prem

    Poet, India

    Prem is a poet and a junior artist and dancer for films and stage.

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  • Premraj

    Poet, India

    Premraj is a poet from Mumbai who works in the healthcare sector

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  • Quasar

    Theatre Director, India

    Quasar is a theatre-holic and lover of all things theatrical. Since 1999, he has directed and produced over 25 plays with QTP; including Every Brilliant Thing, A Peasant of…

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  • Quinn Slobodian

    Professor & Historian, USA

    Quinn Slobodian is a Canadian historian and author, currently a professor of History of Ideas at Wellesley College, USA

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  • R Gopalakrishnan

    Author, Business Commentator & Public Speaker, India

    R Gopalakrishnan was a corporate leader for 50 years at HUL and Tata. He is a columnist and the author of 18 books.

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  • R Jagannathan

    Journalist & Editor, India

    R Jagannathan, Editorial Director of Swarajya magazine, is a veteran journalist who has held senior positions with leading businesses and general print and digital publications.

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  • Raghu Karnad

    Author & Journalist, India

    Raghu Karnad is an award winning author, essayist and journalist.

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