The Thirteenth Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest
Wednesday, November 9th to Sunday, November 13th 2022

Let's Turn The Page

Online : 9 - 10 Nov
On ground : 11 - 13 Nov

  • Saturday, 12th Nov
  • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm IST
  • NCPA, Tata Theatre

Launch of Sundeep Waslekar’s A World Without War

Weapons are key to winning wars. The side with the larger, more technologically advanced arsenal often has a decided advantage. The next generation of wars will be fought with, and over, technology: particularly the ownership of the chips and codes that ensure competitive economic advantages. But the question is: can the same artificial intelligence that guides hypersonic missiles be re-deployed  for more peaceful objectives? Two writers look at the destructive power of modern weaponry and how they might be re-purposed for positive ends in a world of hyper-nationalistic chest thumping.


Anirudh Suri

Anirudh Suri is intrigued by how technology is shaping our world, society and values.

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Sundeep Waslekar

Sundeep Waslekar is a thought leader on the global future. He has worked with sixty-five countries under the auspices of the Strategic Foresight Group, an international think tank he…

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Saikat Datta

Saikat Datta has worked at the intersection of public policy, journalism and security in a career spanning over two decades.

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Books In The Session

The Great Tech Game

  • Anirudh Suri
  • HarperCollins India

A World Without War

  • Sundeep Waslekar
  • HarperCollins India


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Debate : Social Media Strengthens Democracy

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