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Thursday, November 18th to Sunday, November 21st 2021

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Unknown Heroes : The Lesser Known Characters From The Mahabharat

  • Tuesday, 17th Nov
  • 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm IST

Author Arshia Sattar acquaints you with them, as she talks to Tariecka Sinh.

For ages : 12 to 13


Arshia Sattar

Arshia Sattar has a Ph.D. in classical Indian literatures from the University of Chicago. She works with epic, myth and the story telling traditions of South Asia, most closely with the Valmiki Ramayana.

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Tariecka Sinh

Art and animals are two of 14-year-old Tariecka Sinh’s biggest passions.

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Books In The Session

Mahabharata for Children

  • Arshia Sattar
  • Juggernaut


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