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Unity In Diversity

  • Saturday, 21st Nov
  • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm IST

LGBTQ inclusion is good for business: Corporate India is seeing a welcome change – the rule books and HR codes are being re-written to be welcoming of LGBTQ employees and to remove long-standing workplace discriminations. Managements have seen that LGBTQ diversity can be good for the bottom-line too. But changes in the manual do not, overnight, erase long-standing prejudice, often subtly inflicted. What more should companies do – and how?


Private: Anubhuti Banerjee

Anubhuti is Manager – Analytics at Tata Steel, leading applications of Machine Learning for Marketing & Sales.

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Private: Pankajam Sridevi

Pankajam Sridevi is the Managing Director of Commonwealth Bank of Australia in India.

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Private: Parmesh Shahani

Parmesh Shahani is Vice President at Godrej Industries Ltd. He is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in corporate India and has guided many of the country’s leading companies on their inclusion journeys.

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