The Fourteenth Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest
Wednesday, October 25th to Sunday, October 29th 2023

Online : 25 - 26 Oct
On ground : 27 - 29 Oct

Magical Mantras

  • Saturday, 12th Nov
  • 10:30 am - 11:30 am IST
  • St Pauls Institute, SPICE (Alberione Hall)

What does it take to climb the dizzying heights of corporate success? Is it based on social equity, or the way one projects oneself? Two authors, one an expert in branding and the other in management, in a fireside chat, discuss whether it is people management or personal parity that makes you a leader. Or could it be both?


Ambi Parameswaran

Ambi Parameswaran is a branding and advertising veteran with over four decades of experience, an independent brand coach and a bestselling author of ten books.

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R. Gopalakrishnan

R. Gopalakrishnan studied physics at Kolkata, engineering at IIT Kharagpur and attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. He has been a professional manager from 1967.

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Books In The Session

All The World's A Stage

  • Ambi Parameswaran
  • Westland Business

Pivots For Career Success

  • R. Gopalakrishnan
  • Rupa Publications India


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