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  • Friday, 20th Nov
  • 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm IST

Virtually everyone in the world who has listened to music has heard The Beatles, and most are fans. The 1960s youngsters from Liverpool formed one of the most influential bands of all time. They have been extensively written about, but the interest in their music, lives, influences is un-ending. Popular writer and memoirist Craig Brown, author of the universally enjoyed recent book “1234: The Beatles In Time” , in conversation with Hrishi K, one of India’s leading radio presenters, sheds new light on the incredible band to whom the world still says Yes! almost 60 years after they first sang: “Love Me Do!”


Private: Craig Brown

Craig Brown is the author of 19 books. His most recent book “One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time”, published in April this year,  is a Sunday Times bestseller. He has written  the parodic diary column on Private Eye for over thirty years.

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Private: Hrishikesh Kannan (Hrishi K)

Hrishikesh Kannan is producer and presenter on India’s biggest breakfast radio show on 94.3 RadioOne and Podcast creator and anchor on the online platforms ‘’ and ‘Book My Show Jukebox’.

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Books In The Session

One Two Three Four

  • Craig Brown
  • Fourth Estate



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